Our Guidelines

General Rules

We just have a short list of rules we hope everyone to apply themselves too. We want to create an equal, fair community for everyone so that the site and guild is totally enjoyable for everyone.

  • Please be reasonable with language, imagine your talking to a mother with use of certain words.
  • Be nice to other members, if there is an issue, please contact me via the contact bar below.
  • Don't get angry for silly mistakes by members, we want to welcome all gaming levels.
  • Try and sustain a good level of maturity, we all know gaming brings out the immature kid in us!
  • Ocassionaly say hi on the forum, we all want to hear from you!

Multiple or Single Guilds

We understand that some games are not starting to allow individual players to join multiple guilds, we understand that this is something that can bring each individual benefits by being apart of them. We do not request anything specific, we will prove to you why you will always want to be apart of our guild, instead of jumping between guilds. We will create a great community for you!

Showing Up Requirements

We understand that you will not be able to sit at your computer for 15 hours a day, you may only get this time once a week. A set amount of time is to be determined, however it will not be longer than 14 days for a guild member. If you know you are going to be away, just tell us, we can make exceptions. You will remain apart of the forum for as long as you wish. Our community will exist, even if you don't in game.

What We Are Looking for

Absoulutly anyone who fits these specifications. We understand everyone comes from a different walk of life, so we are happy to welcome you all.