Ranks of The Dark Masons

The ranks of The Dark Masons show a significant importance to the Guild and our members. For the majority, they will give members a greater control and influence over the community and in game guilds.

At the moment we have five different ranks, which is open to change. Three of these ranks will be by invitation by showing good leadership, being helpful to other members, and even having a desire to help with the communitys development.

Don't take these ranks too seriously at all, we just want to reward people for helping the community and show recgonition, there is no superiority factor to be gained from these ranks. There will just be times when we need help managing The Dark Masons.



The Dark Crown

This is simply be the rank for the "Guild Leader".

Masonic Generals

The Masonic Generls are people who have wanted to take a more major role in the care of The Dark Masons. This is almost like a guild moderator, individuals who are willing to help while I am away from my computer.

Nightmare Watchmen

Refined members. We hope as many of you as possible can achieve this rank for us. These are members who are true Dark Masons, who really have given the time to The Dark Masons. These members will be hand picked over time. If you feel you deserve this place, send us a message, we will look at you for promotion!

Dark Masons

Renown members of the guild. This rank can be picked up in one of two ways. Committing to regulary attending the forum and communicating through there, or being available in game to help all of us with the progress of the community.


The entry level. This is just to seperate the ones that really wish to be apart of the community, and those who don't. We hope you are active, so that you can shed this small rank as soon as possible!