Our Games

Welcome to the Games page. As a gaming community, we want to incorporate as many of our Community Members prefered games as possible. This list is to be updated throughout the lifetime of this community.

The main point of this list is to specifiy where and how people can connect with each other in game. We are really trying to keep a good group of players together. In the future, we are hoping to setup servers for certain games to give people a way to really get together.

This list is to be frequently updated, so please expect the information on this page to be changing constantally.

Current Recruiting Games

Below are a list of games where we currently aiming to recruit for. We understand there are many MMO's out there, we simply want to ensure that we create each guild, on each game in the right way.




Guild Wars 2

This is going to be the primary game for The Dark Masons. We believe that Guild Wars 2 is going to help this site grow and develop into a much stronger community and guild. Our aim is to be one of the dominant guilds, not only on this server, but across all servers. We will dominate the server in WvW, and have our presence known all through Tyria. We hope this appeals to your aspirations too.