The Dark Masons

The Dark Masons were formed back in 2008, existing sporadically in many different worlds as very powerful, dominant guilds. Throughout the worlds of Azeroth (World of Warcraft), the Warhammer Universe (Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning) and Tyria (Guild Wars), we were successful in creating friendly environments for all of our members, but we struggled to maintain a consistent home, meaning the loss of many old friends.

This is our reincarnation to recreate The Dark Masons, bring back all of it's glory. We are excited to be around on the release of this site, where we can totally decide the future of our community. With your help, this become a great home for all of you.

Why Join Us

We truly believe that at The Dark Masons we are able to create a very unique gaming community. As we explained above, we have had a constant stream of success around all of the guilds we created, we just lacked the ability to sustain this. Now we have our own site, our own home, we are able to uphold this as a community.

As a project of mine also, I am very dedicated to updating a totally customizible website, which has been built from the ground up. The exception of this is within the forum, as the functionality of this one would take an entire workforce to create. I personally am excited to continue to build this site, guild and community in a hope that it would last an extensive period.

The Future

To be able to create a sustainable community in the current gaming industry is a hard task, but I believe with the right start, The Dark Masons will be able to create one that keeps bringing members back for more. I invision a community where members, young and old, can share the joys of gaming. This is something I feel can be really exciting if done in the right way. I am excited to see where the site heads.

I would love to be able to keep the same core group of people around for as long as possible. This would really boost the playing experience for all of our members across many platforms.

Find Us

We have a twitter stream which is constantally updated, along with a Tumblr account, which is also linked to our news feed, which is also updated regulary. Follow us and share our information. The links to these sites are directly below.

We hope we have given you enough to think over. We hope to see you join our ranks soon.

RadMabbit - Guild Founder